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Crossover Kingdom

Archiandra WindWaker
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Name: Archiandra WindWaker
Nicknames: The Ark,Archi,Archangel.
Age: 14
Personality: Dark, mysterious,cunning,independent,brave, a quick-thinker, a wisecracker.
Fave food: Oranges, raspberries.
Fave activity: Meditating.
Special skill: can build up energy and release it as a wave of pure sound. (It's not a screech and it's called Thunderclap.) Half-way mastered the Martial Art "Blindsight".

Archiandra was with her parents in their lab when it exploded, killing her parents and a splash of chemicals blinded her. Nowadays, she lives with her grandparents. She met Sara at the park and became friends with her & a girl named Jen. She became accquainted with The Indigo Dragoness when she walked into a fight where the Extreme Dinosaurs were trying to stop the Raptors. Haxx was about to use her as a hostage, Indy tried to stop him but was grabbed instead. Archi used her Martial Arts to free them. Thus she befriended the Extreme Dinosaurs and learned about Sara's alter-ego. Now, she is a sidekick towards the Ex-Dinos, Sara says sooner or later Archi maybe upgraded to recruit like she was. Yet, Archi & Bloo have never gotten along.

Archiandra & Jen both belong to my friend, Pixel. Please don't use 'em without asking.

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