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Ida the Eagle

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Notes: Ida is a true American citizen, what’d ya expect from a bald eagle? She can even spread her wings & fly. Her nest is on the Statue of Liberty torch, great view of the city. Like Luna, Ida doesn't have an owner and lives her days as a stray.

Age: 12.

Height: 5’0”. Wingspan: 7 ft.

Eyes: Blue.

Birthday: July 5. (right next to Independence Day!)

Wardrobe: White T-shirt with mountain & blue jeans.

Accent: Bronx.

Home: Statue of Liberty torch.

Origin: Ida used to live on Mt. Rushmore on President Jefferson's eyelid. Until one day, one of Shredder's minion dumped mutagen on her, the next thing she knew she was a mutant. She saw Shredder but refused to obey him being the symbol of freedom. She migrated to New York City and found friends in many other mutants and became one of the Fellowship.

Favorite colors: Red, white & blue.

Favorite pizza toppings: Marshmallows, anchovies & loads of cheese.

Good attitude: A true American citizen.

Bad attitude: Likes to show off & swipe pastries out of her friends' hands like (snap) that.

Favorite music: Bis.

Favorite book: “God Bless the Gargoyles” by Dav Pilkey.

Favorite TV show(s): "American Dad" & "Liberty's Kids".

Favorite movie: “Chicken Run.”

Favorite Pony: Firefly.

Hobbies: Ninjitsu, eating pizza, napping on Statue of Liberty torch, flying, watching TV & playing video games.

Biggest dream: Have a good president.

Biggest fear: Meeting or even having Dubya Bush as an owner.

Owner: None.

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