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The Indigo Dragoness

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Name: The Indigo Dragoness.
Nicknames: Indy, the Dragoness.
Age: 12-later 13.
Personality: Wise-cracking, courageous, smart, quick-thinking, dark.
Fave food: N/A
Fave activity: Fighting crime.
Special skill: Masters Dragon King Fu, crackshot with her Dragorangs (like Baterangs with a different logo), grappling hooks, flame-thrower on wrist, whip & sharp claws on gloves.

When evil strikes, the fun-loving, imaginative Sara Fossilman becomes her crime-fighting alter-ego, the Indigo Dragoness, she has the wisecracks of Spider-Man, the brains of Blue Falcon & the grim, dark personality of Batman. She was once a sidekick but was upgraded to teammate and helps the Dinos in anyway she can. Sara became her alter-ego when she discovered that Flintwood was responsible for her father's death and donned a cape & cowl, also have her friend Bobby modify the gadgets in order to avenge her father and just to fight other crimes. The only ones who know who the Dragoness is are her friend Bobby, the Ex-Dinos, Chedra & Pork.

Indigo Dragoness is a superhero I've been thinking about, her official name is Hannah Young and the version above has nothing to do with the official one.

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