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Name: Jab.
Former name: Clint Bolton.
Age: 20.
Shark Breed: Hammerhead.
Fave music: Jazz.
Fave transport: Jet Pack.
Fave food: Steel grinders & prawn cocktails.
Fave saying: "Shark Dive"

Jab is the most tempormental of the brothers-he can lose his cool at the drop of a Seavite. At times, he doesn't get along with his kid sister, Sara, and she calls him a jerk while he calls her names that indicate their height, e.i. Munchkin, Shorty, Half-Pint, etc. But when not flaring up, Jab is the most good-natured of the Sharks and the most lovable. He still loves his sister. Jab loves to hurl insults at the Seavites who he feels most deserves a good fryin'. Being the hot-head of the group can sometimes mean he gets the boys into more trouble than they want. In dangerous situations, Jab loves to find the easiest solution to the job which can mean he often bites off more than he can chew. He has the ability to head butt his enemies with his hammerhead. That's when he's not hurling insults at them! Jab has a business with Brendon "Bends" Banner in the comic shop called "Suspended Reality", where Sara & her best bud, Josh go to hang out most of the time. Jab & Bends have been good buds for many years, hanging out together & being real surfer brothers. Since Jab's chang into a Street Shark, Bends & Jab's friendship has changed. Plus, Sara does think he's cooler as a shark & superhero in one. Jab realises he & his brothers need to rely more & more on Bends & their sidekicks (Sara & Josh) for help & protection.

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