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Josh Morrison

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One of the guys I include in a lot of fanfiction, he's also voiced by a friend of mine if your curious about the "blank" part, I'm not allowed to put his last name on either.

Name: Joshua "Josh" Vincent Morrison.

Age: 13.

Birthday: August 14.

Nickname(s): Josh-man, Josh-dude, Josh-miester.

Height: 5’3”.

Weight: 116 lbs.

Hair color/style: Blond. Comes down to shoulders.

Eyes: Very light blue.

Occupation: Environmentalist.

Music instrument: Drums.

History: On the Pokeworld, Josh was a member of a notorious prankster gang. But turned over a new leaf when he became a Chosen Trainer & helped fight against Draguanus.

Pokemon Buddy: Bulbasaur.

Other Pokemon: Crobat, Golem, Tyrogue, Weezing & Pinsir.

Trainer gear: Light green T-shirt, navy blue shorts, teal/silver wrist guards & black/blue shoes (the kind with no laces).

Backpack: Blue, sea green straps, aqua pocket outsides, Orca on front.

Personality: Nice guy, creative, easy to get along with, laid back, knows a lot about marine biology, Mewtwo's legend & the Pokeworld, sharp as a marshmallow.

Likes: Movies, video games, playing music, writing songs, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, baking cookies, marine biology, the endangered species, animals in general, Pokemon Battles & Digimon.

Dislikes: Being called stupid, whalers, poachers, Nero, pushy cops like Klegghorn, talking about his past, Saurians & insults from bad guys.

Voiced artist: CJ ___.

Spirited Duck: Duke.

Crests: Sincerity & Kindness.

The oldest of the Trainers, but being the oldest doesn’t make him the smartest, despite his great knowledge of the Pokeworld, legend & marine biology, Josh is sharp as a marshmallow. But his life on the Pokeworld wasn’t a trip to Disneyland: his parents got divorced when he was a little kid, he & his mom lived in Cerulean City while his dad left for Black Thorn. He was an only child, didn't have friends, never got along with any of his mom's boyfriends. The day came when he met a bully named Nero Farnsworth, he let Josh join his gang of punks, him being dumber than today & desperate for friends agreed, they shoplifted, vandalized, bullied others, etc. After a while, Josh & a guy named Wolfgang got tired of that kind of stuff & realized they were hurting the people they love, they tried to quit but Nero forced them to stay. When Draguanus invaded, Josh nursed an injured Bulbasaur back to health, Nero didn’t approve of Josh’s kindness, but Josh told him in his sincerest words that he never liked being in his gang anyway, thus making him a Chosen Trainer with both Sincerity & Kindness and Bulbasaur his Pokemon Buddy. Wolfgang quit too, he also became a Chosen Trainer (crests & Poke-Buddy unknown for now), he & Josh decided to go their separate ways but will meet again some day. Today, Josh is a bit smarter than he was when he was in the gang (least he knows better than to break the law), but he’s still sharp as a marshmallow. He shares his spirit with Duke, uses his crests to shoot out lasers that’ll form into his drum set & drumsticks and is a great pal to his fellow trainers. He looks up to Duke and kind of sees him like a stepfather since no one can ever replace his real dad. Sometimes when somebody says who did what or ask who’s going to do something, etc., Sara & Josh often point to each other at the same time. But he & Sara are really good friends. He’s really good at writing songs, has his own video camera to make movies & a computer program that he uses to design video games, also bakes his nana's cookies that come in 3 flavors, pumpkin, cinnamon & gingerbread. Anyway, he sometimes hires Eilony to make up the melody to his new songs, he pays her in Y-Gi-Oh! cards, he also hopes to one day help protect Earth's envirornment. His low intelligence can get annoying sometimes and he’s often accused of being a mama’s boy, not to mention he's been known to get carried away with protecting the envirornment, but he’s still a sweet guy watching out for Trainers younger than him & the planet.

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