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Sara Bolton

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Name: Sara Bolton.
Alternate rp name: Sylvia Bolton.
Age: 13
Nicknames: Sarey, Shorty, Munchkin, Kiddo.
Hobbies: Swimming, video games & sports.
Fave music: Rock 'n' Roll.
Fave transport: Rip-rider (hitches a ride with her bros)
Fave food: Nachos w/ Jalapenos.
Personality: Kind hearted, adventursome, can upset easily, stubborn and fun.
Fave saying: "Aw fudge-bunnies."

The youngest of the Bolton siblings, since she was 3, she's had the power to talk to sea creatures and has had her little buddy Swimmy, a super-powered duck. She didn't know until recently that Paradigm is responsible for her power, 'cause she drank a formula he made and Swimmy used to be his lab animal, but Sara made off with him. Now, Paradigm will stop at nothing to get back what he believes is his, no matter what the cost or who the sacrafice. Anyway, when Sara's brothers became Street Sharks, her relationship with them hasn't changed that much, except she's now their sidekick along with her best friend, Josh Nelson. What hasn't changed; Ripster still stands up for her, she still looks up to Streex, she still gets along best with Slammu and she still calls Jab a jerk. Actually, she calls them all jerks, but mostly Jab, he still calls her names that indicate her height, she doesn't mind Shorty & Munchkin, but her least fave is Twerpazoid. Sara lives with her mom in a fancy city house with the largest pool in the neighborhood and 6 pet dolphins. And she lives across the street from her best friend, Josh Nelson. Another friend of Sara's is a legendary Orca named Kato, she swims with him & his pod almost everyday.

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