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Captain Klegghorn

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Name: Captain Klegghorn.
Age: 38.
Birthday: September 3.
Height: 5'0".
Weight: N/A
Hair color: Orange.
Eye color: Brown.
Occupation: Chief of Anaheim police.
Personality: Hotheaded, blustery, nosey, loud.
Voice artist: Dennis Franz.

Notes: The captain of the Anaheim police department, his height matches his temper, he does enjoy his donuts being a cop. He's always losing his cool whenever the Ducks & Trainers arrive, also tries to bust them for crimes they didn't even commit. The Ducks & Trainers tend to put up with his badgering a lot, and he had a really hard time believing them about the Saurians. But he eventually saw them with his own eyes and became semi-friends with the teams. Occasionally gives them a heads up on who & what's going on the crime-scene.

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