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Louie Anderson

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Louie's age, weight *g* & eye color are made up. Actually, I have no idea what the real Louie Anderson's eye color is. Again, think of this as an alternate version to the actual show & characters.

Name: Louis "Louie" Anderson.

Age: 10.

Birthday: March 18.

Nickname(s): Lou, Lou-meister, Lou-edge.

Height: 4’0”.

Weight: 90 lbs.

Hair color/style: Brownish-blonde. Normal boy’s.

Eyes: Amber brown.

Occupation: Big guy.

Music instrument: None. Works effects.

History: Was real shy & quiet when he moved from Wisconsin, but talks more since he met Gosalyn and became a Chosen Trainer.

Pokemon Buddy: Sandshrew.

Other Pokemon: Venomoth, Shellder, Tangela, Porygon2 & Hitmontop.

Trainer gear: Blue T-shirt w/ button collar, light brown shorts & gray sneakers.

Backpack: Yellow, light orange straps, light brown pocket outsides, Hostess cupcake on front.

Personality: Calm, sweet, large, good companion, shy, easy to get along with, “kid next door” kinda guy.

Likes: Doughnuts, meditating, watching TV, good jokes, sports, Pokemon battles, Digimon, working effects & best friend Gosalyn.

Dislikes: Being called “fat” (or anything resembling), spiders, nosey cops like Klegghorn, Duke’s bad jokes, Saurians, little brother being a pain in the butt & not being able to see his own feet.

Voiced artist: Louie Anderson (adult version).

Spirited Duck: Grin.

Crest: Reliability.

The largest trainer, he had a good life in Wisconsin, despite the annoyance of his little brother, Tommy; his war-crazed dad and the other school kids' teasing. Weeks after Louie's tenth birthday, his family moved to Anaheim. He was really shy & quiet since they came, but he met Gosalyn and became a little less quiet, but he still didn't talk very much around everyone else. While on their first adventure, Gosalyn convinced Lou to helped them out and, for the first time in a while, he talked! Afterwards, he & Gos became Trainers. He shares his spirit with Grin, uses his crest to shoot out a laser that forms into a platform that he controls by making it float & have awesome lights and still enjoys his doughnuts. He listens to Grin a lot, so he says a lot of Zen-like stuff and meditates, yet he's kind of jealous that Grin can see his own feet. His family doesn't know that Louie fights crime & evil aliens and that Sandshrew is a real Pokemon, all they know is he works the effects at the Trainers' concerts and he's friends with them. His six-year-old brother is a pain in the butt, he bugs the heck out of Louie and he plays with Sandshrew a little too rough whenever Sandshrew acts like a plushie.

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