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Crossover Kingdom

Lucretia DeCoy

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Name: Lucretia DeCoy.
Age: 22
Birthday: April 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: N/A
Hair color: Purple.
Eye color: Blue
Occupation: CEO of NeoPets Inc. and raises horses.
Personality: Sly, beautiful & good. Formarly: treachorus & nasty.

Notes: When the Saurians invaded Puckworld, Lucretia became a spy for them, she was so skilled that she nearly blew the cover of the forming Resistance. In the chaos, not very many knew, let alone seen her. Later, on Earth, Draguanus hired her again to steal a valuable computer chip from the Ducks, in the meantime, she flirted with Duke & Nosedive, and pretended to be real nice to Eilony, leading them to trust her completely. But in the end, Tanya & Wildwing saved the day. And Draguanus was so ticked at Lucretia's failure, that he sent her into dimensional limbo, Eilony tried to save her, but failed. Later on, Lucretia returned and helped our heroes defeat the crazed CEO of NeoPets, and prooving that Eilony's kindness opened the female duck's eyes & heart. Now, she is the CEO of NeoPets Inc. and raises horses. Also, she & Eddy took in the latest Chosen Trainers.

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