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Luna the alligator

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Notes: Luna is the tough one of the Fellowship's leaders, she & Sara are neighbors/best friends, she is kinda hot-headed and takes a bite out of anyone who wants to mess with her. She kinda takes after Raphael.

Age: 12.

Height: 5’0”, quadruped 3’4”.

Eyes: Blue.

Wardrobe: Violet tank top & blue jean shorts.

Birthday: October 9.

Accent: Australian.

Home: Sewers of New York.

Origin: Luna was born at the Sidney reptile house in Australia, later she was transferred to the Bronx zoo in the U.S.A. 2 years of living there, she found a puddle of glowing green goo (mutagen) and decided to take a deep, thus making her mutate and she fled for the sewers. One day, she met Sara & Phoebe, and they became best friends along with Dotty.

Favorite colors: Green & black.

Favorite pizza topping: Gumi bears, pepperoni & Canadian bacon.

Good attribute: Spunky, tough, brave & loyal to her friends.

Bad attribute: She’s a troublemaker, sometimes bad tempered & can get carried away with biting butt.

Favorite music: Barenaked Ladies.

Favorite book: “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling.

Favorite TV show: “Gargoyles.”

Favorite movie: “Peter Pan.” (She likes the Crocodile.)

Favorite Pony: Twist.

Interests: Ninjitsu, eating pizza, music, biting butt, using Australian slang, video games, hanging with Sara, Dotty, Phoebe & the others and TV.

Biggest dream: Find long lost sister Bubbles.

Biggest fear: Living in a zoo.

Owner: None.

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