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Name: Mallory McMallard.

Age: 22.

Birthday: September 16.

Nickname(s): Mal, Mally, Mal-ster, Mal-Mal.

Height: 5’3”.

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair Color: Red.

Feathers: Light peach.

Eyes: Green.

Occupation: Weapons specialist.

Position: Left Wing.

History: One of Puckworld Special Forces until Ol' Scaly Butt on the scene, she also lost her older brother in the Resistance.

Hockey number: 15.

Battle gear: Purple sleeveless bodysuit with teal collar & right shoulder, single shoulder plate on the left with a purple stripe, purple glove on the right, teal wristband on the left with comlink, teal belt, kneepads and white/purple boots.

Likes: Shopping, movies, anime, blowing things up, hockey, Buzz & Gosalyn.

Dislikes: Nosedive’s pranks, machines, Saurians, Duke’s bad jokes & Josh being a doofus.

Voiced by: Jennifer Hale.

Spirited Trainer: Gosalyn

Mallory used to be a member of a millitary base called Puckworld Special Forces, having millitary skills & discipline is a good help to the Ducks when fighting Draguanus. She once had an older brother, but he was killed in the Resistance against Draguanus and Mallory still keeps his memories close to her heart. Her red hair sometimes matches her hot temper, but most of the time she has a friendly personality, unless there's something suspicious going on. She just can't stand Nosedive's pranks & Josh's low intellegence, but she often puts up with them...... most of the time. Anyway, she gets along with the other Ducks & the Trainers, she spoils Eilony and sees Gosalyn as a kid sister. She likes to hang out at the mall with Sara or one of the others teams.

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