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Origin: On a faraway planet, known as the Pokemon World (Pokeworld for short), lived 4 special Pokemon Trainers chosen by Mewtwo: the Pokeworld’s legendary greatest Pokemon Master & one of the most powerful Pokemon ever, he, his little sidekicks Mew, Celebi & Jirachi, his dear friend Deoxys & his sidekick Rayquaza saved the Pokeworld from the Saurian overlords hundreds of years ago. With the help of their Cap, the kids rise up their courage, leadership & teamwork against the one who invaded their planet, the evil Lord Draguanus. One kid & his Pokemon Buddy were trapped in dimensional limbo, but the other 3 & their Buddies were kept and brought along to another planet called Puckworld. They were imprisoned, but saved by humanoid ducks who did the same as them. After losing another leader, the teams chased Draguanus through a dimensional gateway that led to Earth, there they were known as the Mighty Ducks hockey team & Pokemon Trainers music group. Along the way, 3 Earth kids proved themselves to be Chosen Pokemon Trainers who are said to be chosen by Deoxys.


Pokemon Buddy: Like Mew, Celebi & Jirachi were sidekicks to Mewtwo and Rayquaza was Deoxys sidekick, the Chosen Trainers get one each, they despise being inside Poke balls so they follow the kids around. A Poke-Buddy wears a special collar that works like a communicator & homing signal. The tags are also a symbol of their Youth Stones. A special stone then trait will Evolve them, the rare & mystical Youth Stone will turn them back to their first stage (they turn back to their cute & cuddly forms).


Poke com: An object that looks like a Poke ball, only works like a D-Power Digivice; forms a green holographic circle which can be a Pokedex, communicator, homing signal & map in one. Also a press of the Crest can change them to Trainer gear (a Trainer needs a backpack & good sense of fashion), be a memory eraser (like the nualizer in “Men In Black”) and even shoot out a laser that’ll turn into their instruments (spotlight set & a platform with their logo) not to mention their Poke-boards (see below). Each Chosen Trainer has one with a different color & symbol (AKA crest), when the crest glows, the Poke-Buddy can temporarily speak English & the Poke coms get upgraded.


Poke-boards: What the Trainers use instead of Duckcycles (for one thing they're not allowed to drive Duckcycles), a skateboard-like device with a Pokemon pulling them, they're very similar to the sport Extreme Pokemon.


Cap of Mewtwo: Works like the Mask of Drake DuCaine, see through things such as cloaks, walls, etc. See through the brim, also the strap on the back goes from the brain to eyes. And the Cap only works on the Chosen Trainers & Pokemon.


Spirited Duck/Trainer: A spiritual connection with the Mighty Ducks & Chosen Pokemon Trainers. Not only do they have lots in common, stick together a lot and their birthdays are in the same month, but they feel their hearts beat the same time as each others’ & feel each others’ pain. Like Northstar the Griffin said in fic A Dragon’s Tale; “A piece of the Ducks’ spirits are in the Trainers’ hearts and vice-versa”.

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