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Meet Sara

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I got some scenes from "The Sword in the Stone" & my other fic "Tour of Step Mom's Magic Store". Bushroot's origin he mentions is a reference of the Darkwing Duck ep. "Beauty & the Beet". Now you get to know the characters of the magic store. Want more? Go here, Disclaimers.

Meet Sara.

(Conclusion to "Growing Up")


Today, we join the Seven Dwarfs’ 3 pet panthers, Sage, Zephyr & Hercules chasing some bunnies & chipmunks around. Spike corners a bunny by a rock.

Sage: (Growls)

But he simply touches him.

Sage: Ha! All right! I finally tagged one of you woodland critters! Yes! I’m the all-star champ!

Bunny: All right, Spike, you tagged me. Sheesh.

Sage: Sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in. Hey everyone, Bucky is it now.

Mother Rabbit: Children, dinner!

Mother Chipmunk: Kids, dinnertime!

Chipmunk: O.K. mom! Later, guys.

Bunny: Bye.

Zephyr: Later guys.

The bunnies & chipmunks go home.

Hercules: We’d better get home too.

Sage: Yeah.

Zephyr: The Dwarfs will be home soon.

The panthers return home to the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, they lie in front of the fireplace and play with their magic ball.

Sage: Man, I love this ball.

Zephyr: Yeah, you bat it in the air, a rainbow appears and it turns into string which we cats like beatin’ the crud out of.

Hercules: Wasn’t that nice of Sara to give this to us. Where would we be without her?

Sage: I guess we’d be living at the magic store with that grouch, Step Mom.

Zephyr: Oh! That reminds me, how’d you guys like to hear how we met Sara?

Hercules/Sage: You bet!

Zephyr: O.K. Ahem. It happened several months ago, it was a normal day here…

Flashback, 2 of the panthers are doing their usual outdoor activities: Sage chases a pixie while Zephyr sleeps in the tulips.

Zephyr: (Sighs)

But Doc comes out to spoil the fun.

Doc: Zephyr! Shoo, shoo, get out of those tulips.

Zephyr: (Groans)

He gets up, but leaps on Doc’s shoulders and slurps him.

Doc: Ack! Zephyr, get off, you big galoot.

Zephyr leaves. Meanwhile, Hercules wanders in somebody’s backyard. A 17-year-old sorceress comes out and sees him (that’s me, Sara).

Sara: (Gasps)

But my boyfriend’s pet Venus flytrap with the dog’s personality named Spike comes to him, they become fast friends.

Spike: (Whining happily, wags stem-like tail)

Hercules: (Purring)

My boyfriend, Bushroot the humanoid plant-duck comes out.

Bushroot: What’s up?

Sara: Spike found a new friend.

Bushroot: Aw, he’s cute. (scratches Hercules’ head) Say, I’ll bet this is one of the panthers Step Mom made you take to that cottage.

Sara: I think you might be right.

So later, I return Hercules to the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, I knock on the door, Sleepy answers it.

Sara: Pardon me, but does this belong to you?

Hercules: (Purring)

Sleepy: Hey Hercules. Yep, he definitely belongs to me. Oh, come right in.

I come in and have a seat, the dwarfs & I have tea together.

Sara: By the way, I’m Sara.

Doc: We’re the Seven Dwarfs, I’m Doc, they’re Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy & Dopey.

Sara: Ah yes, I’ve heard about you guys, I am a sorceress.

Grumpy: Sorceress, (scoffs) you gotta be kidding.

Sara: Don’t believe me, eh? Well, I shall demonstrate. (clears throat) Higitus, figitus, migitus, moe. Wind & snow, swirl & blow!

I open my hand and out comes a mist over Grumpy, it snows right on him.

Sara: (Laughs) That’s what my magic teacher calls a “wizard blizzard”.

Doc: Wow, can you believe it, a-a-an indoor blizzard, in the middle of July.

Grumpy: (Shivers) O.K., Sara, I’m convinced.

Sara: Alakazam!

I make the mist disappear, it stops snowing on Grumpy, but he’s become a snow-dwarf complete with the hat, scarf, coal eyes and carrot nose.

Doc: I hope you don’t do any of that black magic, Sara.

Sara: Oh, no-no. Never touch the stuff. My magic is used mainly for helping others & entertainment purposes.

Sage comes to me rubbing his head against me.

Sara: Hey fella, aren’t you a cutie.

Sage: (Purring)

Grumpy: (Brushes last bit of snow off) Aw, he’s a wuss-cat.

Bashful: He is not! Sage’s really a tough guy.

Sara: Aw. Oh, that reminds me, I’d better get back.

Sneezy: O.K., when will we see ya again?

Sara: Oh, whenever. You can visit me at my place, here’s the address.

I hand Doc a piece of paper with my address.

Doc: Thanks.

Sara: No prob. Well, bye now.

I disappear in a puff of smoke. The next day, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy & Dopey come to the magic store.

Sleepy: Hey, Sara.

Sneezy: You home?

They see me at the front desk, sleeping.

Sara: (Snoring)

Dopey begins ringing the desk bell variously.

Sara: (Wakes up) Huh?

Dopey: (Continues ringing)

I move the bell towards me.

Sara: Thank you, Dopey for making sure the bell works. Hi there, guys.

Sneezy: So, this is the magic store.

Sara: Yep, this is where I work.

Bashful: Really nice place.

Sara: Thanks. I live here with my beau & my boss.

Bushroot pops in.

Bushroot: Hey Sara. Hey, 4 of the Seven Dwarfs.

Sneezy (to Sara): He knows of us?

Sara: He’s heard of you anyway. Meet my sweetheart, Dr. Reginald Bushroot.

Bushroot: Hey there.

Sara: He’s from the science world.

Sleepy: I never thought there was such a world as Earth.

Sara: Neither did I until I met Bushroot.

Bushroot: That’s me, botanist-turned-mutant plant. How I became one is a long story, I started my criminal ways after getting revenge on those who made my life miserable.

Sneezy: How can a nice guy like you turn to a life of crime?

Bushroot: I didn’t have much of a choice, I never even wanted to be a criminal, it was my incident that caused my life to take a turn for the worse, and resulted in me being shunned from the public, I had good intensions & bad luck.

Bashful: Jeez, poor guy.

Bushroot: But I eventually retired from villainy, after I became an M.D., I accidentally stumbled into a dimensional portal that led to the magic world, I still didn’t fit in because of my science & logic.

Sara: But thanks to my adopted dad & his dragon, you got used to Magus.

Bushroot: Yep, I stayed on Magus for 1) I love Sara, 2) the people of Magus are used to unnatural beings like me and 3) my worlds of science & magic exist side-by-side.

Sara: Don’t listen to him, guys, he’s all-science. (mocking) I’m Bushroot, I love mathematics & physics more than fairies & unicorns.
Dwarfs: (Laughing)

Bushroot: (Giggles) Hey, shut up. (to Dwarfs) Don’t worry, guys, she’s always teasing me like that, I really have turned my back on science.

Sara: It’s true.

Spike the plant-dog comes in.

Sara: Oh, hey Spike.

Sneezy: Spike?

Sara: Our pet Venus flytrap with dog personality, he came with Bushroot from Earth.

Step Mom: (Snoring from upstairs)

Bashful: What’s that?

Sara: That’s just Step Mom. She isn’t really my stepmother, just my boss. She just told people to call her that, she only thinks she’s a witch but she’s really mortal.

Sleepy: (Laughs) That’s funny.

Sara: I take care of the store better than her and she’s the owner! She’s mean, lazy, insane, a bit of a slob and completely useless. I don’t hate her, she just drives me nuts, but Bushroot, he doesn’t like her one bit.

Bushroot: You’re darn right.

Sneezy: Well, we’d better be goin’.

Sara: Sure thing, guys. Oh, here.

I toss them a magical ball, Bashful catches it.

Sara: A little something for the panthers, they bat it, a string will appear and cats love beating the crud out of those.

Bashful: Thanks. Bye now.

They walk out of the store. Comes back to reality with the panthers.

Sage: Aw man, I’ll never forget the day we met Sara.

Hercules: Yeah, she’s great.

Dwarfs (in distance): Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s home from work we go. (whistling)

Zephyr: All right, they’re coming home so we can have dinner.

Sage: Yeah, I’m starving.

So, the dwarfs return to the cottage and Grumpy feeds the panthers.

The End.

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