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Solar Eclipse Monster part 2

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The Solar Eclipse Monsters.

Part 2.

Written by Sara.


Rika (VO): Last time, the Trainers had the Pond while the Ducks were away for a game, while Ryan & Amanda were visiting, Buzz found a weird yellow light in the linen closet, after Amanda disappeared through it, the Trainers, Zelda & Ryan decided to look for her, the weird yellow light turned out to be a gateway to Dream Valley where the Little Ponies live. Amanda turned out to be with Sprinkles & the Baby Sea Ponies, so Sara & Josh babysat the Baby Ponies. Meanwhile, a wacky witch named Psyckada found the same yellow light with Draguanus & his goons coming through it, she told them about the Solar Eclipse monsters. But when she didn’t want to harm the Ponies, Draguanus turned against her and decided to use the monsters to rampage on Dream Valley. How’re our heroes gonna get outta this one?


Sara Cicero back. As we left off, the darkness of the solar eclipse hits a big hole in the woods, 3 gigantic creatures start coming out of it: a Manticore, a 3-headed hydra & a giant tarantula that looks very much like Shelob of "the Lord of the Rings".

Monsters: (Growling)

Back at Paradise Estate, we’re staring at the solar eclipse, until…

Tarantula: (Hisses in distance)

Louie: What was that?

Danny: Probably just a snake.

Manticore: (Roars in distance)

Sara: I definitely heard that.

Megan: It can’t be good.

Meanwhile, the Bushwoolies are wandering around until they see the monsters.

Blue Bushwoolie: Look out!

They hide in a bush also see Draguanus on the cliff with the monsters at the bottom. He lets out a potion that the monsters sniff and are now obedient to Draguanus.

Draguanus: Now, my precious pets, you’ll do my bidding from now on. Get me Charmander, do whatever with the rest, but I want Charmander unharmed.

Siege: With Psyckada’s spell, the eclipse will last forever.

Draguanus: And nothing can stop it or them.

They go off as the Bushwoolies head back to Paradise Estate. Back there, Brandy the pup comes with the Baby Ponies following.

Josh: Brandy, what happened?

Wind Whistler: It appears he's been so paranoid that he can barley speak English.

Brandy: (Barking)

Spike: You dreamt you were attacked by Jerry Springer with a weed whacker?

Brandy: Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

He starts acting out what happened.

Spike: (Muttering chant, snores)

He also lifts up Baby Cuddles.

Sara: Oh, you were hypnotized and found Baby Cuddles floating in thin air.

Brandy: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Danny: That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.

Zelda: Wait Danny. If hypnotism is involved, Wraith must be up to his old tricks.

The Bushwoolies come.

Blue Bushwoolie: Danger! Danger! There’s danger in Ponyland!

Charmander: Char?

Megan: What’s the matter?

Wind Whistler: What sort of danger?

Purple Bushwoolie: Big mean lizard was at a cliff with 3 different monsters at the bottom.

Josh: Big mean lizard?

Trainers: Draguanus!

Paradise: What kind of monsters were there?

Pink Bushwoolie: A Manticore, a 3-headed hydra & a giant tarantula.

Sara: Eww! Jeez, I hate spiders.

Charmander: Char…

Megan: The Moochick might know what to do.

Bushroot: Right. To the Mushromp!

Megan, me, Charmander, Sky Rocket, Lofty & Ribbon head to the Mushromp.

Megan: Mr. Moochick!

Charmander: Charmander!

Sara: (Knocks on door) Mr. Moochick, are you home?

Sky Rocket: Forget it, he’s not here.

But the Moochick opens his cottage door.

Moochick: Oh my, what’s all that racket?

Megan: Hello Mr. Moochick, these are our new friends, Sara & Charmander.

Moochick: Oh well, come right in.

We come into the Moochick’s cottage.

Moochick: So, what seems to be the problem?

Megan: The solar eclipse has come early and some Monsters appeared.

Moochick: Oh, those are the Solar Eclipse Monsters. Now, where’d I put that book?

He starts looking for his book on Monsters, but Habit finds it next to the Moochick’s foot and gives it to him.

Moochick: Oh, here it is. (opens book) The Solar Eclipse monsters sleep in a hole locked by a magic cover. But when an eclipse happens, it opens and unleashes them. But when the eclipse is over, they go right back into their hole.

Sara: Knowing Draguanus, he put them under his command and make the eclipse last longer than normal.

Lofty: How do we stop the monsters & eclipse?

Moochick: Well, you… how do you stop them?

Habit turns the pages in the book, the Moochick finds the answer.

Moochick: Of course! The Alicorns.

Ribbon: Alicorns?

Sara: I've heard of them, they're like unicorns but with wings. How do we find them, Mr. Moochick?

Moochick: You travel to Emerald Gardens, to get there, you must pass the Piranha Falls, then survive Hick Woods, over Mt. Boom, through the Cave of Chaos, then you’re there.

Charmander took notes.

Sky Rocket: Sounds rough, but we can handle it.

Megan: Thanks a lot, Mr. Moochick.

Sara: Yeah, thanks. Bye-bye now.

Charmander: Char, Char.

We start going back.

Moochick: Take care, now! Well, I think it’s the Alicorns, it might be the Singing Grasshoppers, or the Wriggle Worms. Or it…

Habit: (Turns to screen, shakes head)

We head back to Paradise Estate.

Danny: What’d the Moochick say?

Megan: He said to find the Alicorns or Winged Unicorns.

Paradise: I have heard stories about the Alicorns, they’re more powerful than the Flutter Ponies.

Speedy: I’d still like to know how Draguanus made the monsters obey him & made the eclipse last longer than usual.

Paradise: He must’ve used an obedience potion, whoever sniffs the aroma will become totally obedient. And an eternal eclipse spell, the name explains everything. It’s said the Alicorns live in one of the most beautiful gardens in Ponyland.

Josh: Then, that’s where we’re goin’.

Sara: Yeah. Who’s with me?

Paradise, Hippity Hop, North Star, Fizzy, Twist, Galaxy, Buttons, Shady, Magic Star & Sweet Stuff step forward.

Spike: I’ll help too.

Zelda: Then, let’s go.

So, me, my fellow Trainers, Zelda, our Poke-Buddies, the 10 Ponies, Megan & Spike head off.

Fifi: Bon voyage, everyone. We believe in you.

Wind Whistler: Good luck!

Soon, we come to Piranha Falls, a waterfall with a river full of piranhas at the bottom.

Megan: This looks like Piranha Falls.

Josh: How can ya tell?

Galaxy: The river’s swarming with piranha.

North Star: Us Pegasi could fly over.

Twist: And unicorns can just wink in & out across.

Magic Star: Us Earth Ponies are amazing jumpers.

Gosalyn: What are we suppose to do?

Sara: Look. Stepping stones.

Megan: Let’s go.

Buzz: Just be careful, one step in there and we’re on the piranha dinner menu.

The Pegasi & Zelda fly over with the Poke-buddies riding as the unicorns wink in & out on the other side. The Earth Ponies jump across with us on them.

Shady: Hang on tight.

Megan on Magic Star, Eilony on Sweet Stuff and Josh on Shady. When Louie’s crossing the stepping stones…

Louie: Huh?

They begin to sink one by one!

Louie: Uh-oh!

Gosalyn: Louie!

The stone Louie is on is about to sink, but luckily Bulbasaur uses his Vine Whip to get him to the other side.

Josh: Nice work, Bulbasaur.

Louie: Yeah, thanks, buddy.

Sara: Well, there goes the steppin’ stones idea.

Masquerade: Looks like we’ll have to make another trip.

So, North Star, Hippity Hop & Paradise fly across to get the others & I: Gosalyn & Buzz on North Star, Spike on Paradise & I'm on Hippity Hop.

Eilony: All right!

Spike: We made it. Where to next?

Sara: Next, we gotta survive Hick Woods.

Josh: How can someone not survive it?

Paradise: There’s just one way to find out.

Megan: Let’s go.

(Poke ball swoops by) At Paradise Estate…

Lickety-Split: I hope the others find the Winged Unicorns.

Gingerbread: Yeah, before those Solar Eclipse whatzits come to destroy everything.

Manticore: (Roars)

Wind Whistler: Quick, inside Paradise Estate!

The Ponies, Bushwoolies, Ryan, Amanda, Molly, Danny & Grundles run inside Paradise Estate as the Manticore appears.

Manticore: (Growls, sniffing)

Heart Throb, Truly & Scrumptious peak outside the window.

Truly: What in tarnation is he doin’?

Heart Throb: I don’t know. Looks like he’s looking for something, darling.

Scrumptious: But what? Duck!

They duck as the Manticore peaks into Paradise Estate.

Manticore: (Growls)

He turns the other way and flies off on his bat-like wings.

Skippity Doo: What was that all about?

Sky Rocket: I don’t know.

Wind Whistler: He looked as if he were detecting something or someone. But what or who?

Meanwhile, we’re at Hick Woods, there’s a sign in front of it.

Sara: Huh? “Danger, Hick Woods, do not disturb the hicks. Quiet!”

Josh: That’s why we have to survive it.

Hippity Hop: We have to be very quiet unless we want to get blasted.

Megan: C’mon.

We enter the dark, gloomy forest.

Josh: Hey, you might be a redneck if your family tree looks like a phone pole. (laughs)

Sara: Shh!

Josh (whispers): Oh, sorry. (trips over a log) Whoa!

Sweet Stuff: Josh, are you O.K.?

Josh: Oh yeah, I did that on purpose.

Buzz: (Rolls eyes)

Josh: (Grunts, notices his foot stuck under the log) I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck!

Galaxy: Shh! Josh, you’re going to get us all killed.

Gosalyn: Yeah, keep it down or you’ll wake up the hicks.

Megan: Hold on.

Megan gets Josh’s foot unstuck.

Josh: Thanks.

We continue on, and see sleeping rednecks in their shacks.

Eilony: (Muffled gasp)

Hicks: (Snoring)

Shady: Don’t worry, Eilony, just keep on walking.

Eilony: Right.

We keep walking on, until Chameleon appears with a balloon & needle.

Chameleon: Hey guys.

Paradise: No, no.

Sara: No don’t.

Chameleon: (Chuckles evilly)

He pops it, which makes a loud explosion, but the hick are still asleep.

Josh: (Looks around) HA! (gasps, covers mouth)

The hicks wake up and around us are pointing guns. Chameleon disappears.

Sara: (Nervous chuckle) How ya doin’, fellas?

North Star: Run!

We run off, Yosemite Sam dressed as a hick starts chasing after us with an old-fashioned gun that uses gun powder.

Sam: I’m a warnin’ ya, strangers! If there’s one thing I hates more than bein’ woken up, it’s bein’ woken up by hay-burners & city slickers!


We hide in the bushes.

Sam: All right, come out wherever you is! I know you’re ‘round here somewheres.

He starts walking away. Until…

Fizzy: Ah…ah…

Zelda: (Covers Fizzy’s nose, remove it)

Fizzy: (Relieved sigh) Thanks. AH-CHOO!

Sam looks in the bushes & finds us.

All: (Screaming)

Sam: I’ll get ya, ya varmints! Now…

(Gun clicks)

Sam: What in Sam-hill…I done fill ‘er up this mornin’.

He pours gun powder in it and ties it onto his belt.

(Gun clicks)

Sam: What’s the matter with this thing? (sees problem) Oh, here’s the problem, I accidentally turned the goldurn safety switch on.

While he sets the safety off, someone cuts a hole in Sam’s pouch of gun powder and it pours out.

Sam: Now where was I? Oh yeah. Say your prayers, ya four-legged glue tubs & yellow-bellied stink’as!

He gives chase, a gunpowder trail pours out as he keeps chasing us.

Charmander: Char!

He looks back and sees the gun powder pouring out of Sam’s bag.

Charmander: (Trills)

He slips into the bushes, Sam stops.

Sam: Now I gotcha, varmints!

But just before Sam can pull the trigger, Charmander sets the gun powder on fire, it leads to Sam, it blows him sky-high.

Sam: YEEOW!!!

The one responsible for the gunpowder appears out of the bushes, it’s Psyckada.

Sara: Huh?

Magic Star: Who are you?

Psyckada: No time to explain, come on!

We follow her out of Hick Woods, we make it out alive.

Zelda: Whew! We made it.

Buzz: If Yosemite Sam wasn’t trying to kill us, I could’ve asked for his autograph.

Sara: Yeah. Oh well.

Paradise: Thank, uh…

Psyckada: My name’s Psyckada, it’s my fault the Solar Eclipse Monsters are here. Draguanus promised me they’d be my pets and give me eternal darkness, but when I didn’t want to hurt the Ponies, he knocked me out and tied me up.

Buzz: Now the monsters are under his control.

Psyckada: I was able to cut myself free and escaped through the laundry chute.

Megan: We’re on our way to find the Winged Unicorns.

Psyckada: They’re the only ones who can break the eclipse spell which will make the monsters go back to sleep.

Squirtle: Squirt, Squirt.

Hippity Hop: I say we let her join.

Sara: Say what?

Shady: Yeah, she didn’t know who she was dealing with.

Sara: No way, it’s her fault those monsters are out there. Plus, what if she’s lying?

Gosalyn: I hate to tell ya, Sarey, but you’re beginnin’ to sound like Mallory.

Louie: Yeah Sara, try listening to what your heart has to say.

Zelda: Oh, I feel a song coming on.

Josh touches his crests and out shoot lasers that form into his drum sticks & drum set, Eilony does the same with her keyboard, so do Louie & Gosalyn with a platform & spotlight set.

"Listen to your Heart" from the "Sonic Underground" show, preformed by Louise Vallance (Sonia's singing voice).

(Music starts)

Sara (singing): We got a choice to make and you don’t know which road to take or how to feel.

Fizzy/Galaxy: Listen to your heart, girl.

I look over at Psyckada.

Sara: When you look into her eyes and you’re not sure if she’s telling lies or if it’s real.

North Star/Paradise: Listen to your heart, girl.

Gosalyn: Listen to your heart, girl!

Magic Star/Sweet Stuff: Listen to your heart, girl.

Megan: (Holds Sara’s hands) ‘Cause the heart’s not gonna lie to you, listen to your heart, girl!

Little hearts start flying over me.

Buzz/Buttons: Listen to your heart, girl.

Zelda: (Puts hand on Sara’s shoulder) And I know you’ll always be hearing the truth if you listen to your heart!

A bunch of people with contracts are around me.

Sara: When the people in your life try & tell you what is right, what do you do?

Twist/Buttons: Listen to your heart, girl.

I’m now at a fork in the road, the sign on the left says “Your road” while the one on the right says “New road”.

Sara: Do you take a brand new road or the one you’ve always known? Am I gettin’ through?

Shady/Hippity Hop: Listen to your heart, girl.

Louie: Listen to your heart, girl!

Spike/Zelda: Listen to your heart, girl.

All my comrades & Psyckada are around me.

Magic Star: ‘Cause the heart’s not gonna lie to you, listen to your heart, girl!

Josh/Eilony: Listen to your heart, girl.

Paradise: And I know you’ll always be hearing the truth if you listen to your heart!

(Drum beat)

Sara: You gotta listen, listen to your heart!

(Song ends)

Sara: All right, Psyckada, you can join us.

Psyckada: Thanks a lot. Let’s go.

(Poke ball swoops by) In Dream Valley, the hydra appears.

Cherries Jubilee: Look out! The hydra!

Hydra: (Roaring)

But just then, Lofty, Bouncy & Wind Whistler come flying in with the Flutter Ponies.

Rosedust: Utter Flutter!

The Flutter Ponies use their Utter Flutter on the hydra, it irritates her and she runs off.

Peach Blossom: Our Utter Flutter seemed to work.

Bouncy: But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

Wind Whistler: She’s right, the Utter Flutter can drive the monsters away temporarily.

Morning Glory: But we won’t be able to stop the eclipse.

Cuts to the solar eclipse.



Kari VO: But I hope our heroes will get to the source that can with the help of Psyckada, to find out, tune into the next "Mighty Duck"/"Pokemon: The Chosen Trainers".


To Be Continued…

All MLP characters are owned & (c) Hasbro, Dic & anyone else who owns the show & toyline.

Yosimite Sam is owned & (c) Looney Tunes & WB.

The song "Listen to your Heart" from the "Sonic Underground" show is owned & (c) by its original owner (whoever that is).

I own Psyckada, and this fic is for entertainement, not selling.

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