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New Friends

My name is Sara Fossilman, it all started at the skate park where I am with my friends, just when I’m about to board down a ramp, the place suddenly gets attacked!
People: (Screaming)
While everyone else ran off, I hid, there I saw a group of humanoid Raptors trashing the place.
Bad Rap: (Evil chuckle) This’ll get those Saurian goody-two-shoes coming.
Just when I put my backpack on and sneak towards the exit, Haxx spots me and holds me up.
Haxx: And this’ll make a great hostage.
Female voice: Put the mammal down.
Haxx: Huh?
He turns and sees an Anthro Parasaurolophus.
Parasaurolophus: I repeat, put her down.
Haxx: Make me, toots.
Parasaurolophus: (Vocalizing hauntingly)
Haxx is suddenly put into a trance, he hands me to her.
Haxx dazed: Whatever you say, toots.
He goes off.
Sara: Thanks.
Parasaurolophus: Don’t mention it.
That’s just when the Extreme Dinosaurs show up.
T-Bone: You’re not going anywhere, Bad Rap.
Bad Rap: I won’t be, but you’re certainly going on a trip.
He fires a remote control that the guys dodge, but Stegz gets zapped and he ends up stiff as a statue.
Bad Rap: C’mon boys, let’s am-scray.
They move out as a chopper with Scarwell appears and captures Stegz.
Bullzeye: We gotta help him!
T-Bone: We’ll get caught also. But we’ll follow ‘em.
That’s when they see me & the Parasaurolophus hiding in the shadows.
Bullzeye: Hey, come on out.
T-Bone: Don’t be afraid, you’re among friends.
She walks out with me still in his arms.
Spike: Whoa, you’re a dinosaur like us.
T-Bone: We’re the Extreme Dinosaurs. I’m T-Bone.
Spike: The name’s Spike.
Bullzeye: And I’m Bullzeye.
Parasaurolophus: My name is Bright Eyes.
Bullzeye: “Bright Eyes”, what a pretty name.
Sara: And I’m Sara but you can call me Sara. I always wanted to say that.
T-Bone: Well, it’s a pleasure meeting both of you. But our friend Stegz was just kidnapped.
Spike: And we’d better hurry before they’re out of sight.
They get on their flying vehicles, Bright Eyes takes Stegz’s and I ride with her. We all fly off to follow the chopper. Soon enough, the chopper lands in its place and the staff brings Stegz inside just as we arrive.
T-Bone: Brilliant. They went inside.
Bullzeye: How’re we gonna get in without triggering any alarms?
T-Bone: One of us has to go in and pull the plug.
Spike: Hey kid, you’re the shortest, you can get in there.
Sara: Will do.
So, Bullzeye flies me up to the air vent, he pries it off and I slip inside. I soon enough get to a room with gadgets that look like Batman’s, a bow & some bizarre-looking arrows.
Sara: Hmm. These could be handy.
I swipe them and put them in my backpack. I then find the entrance hall surrounded by beams.
Sara: Ah-ha.
I throw one of those Batarang-like things and it pulls the plug, all the beams turn off. I open the door for the guys.
Sara: Ta-da!
T-Bone: Great job, kiddo. Now, c’mon.
We head off into the place. Meanwhile, Stegz wakes up to an unpleasant surprise.
Stegz: Uh, what? Where? Oh great, Scarwell.
Scarwell: Prof. Flintwood, Dr. Rodriguez, get that thing ready for dissection.
Stegz: Dissection?!
Dr. Rodriguez: Couldn’t we study him more humanely?
Stegz: Yeah, more humanely.
Scarwell: For the thousandth time, no!
But that’s the guys & I bust in.
Dr. Rodriguez: Sara?
Sara: Hi Aunt Sheila.
The guys free Stegz just when the robots show up. Just as one is about to get Stegz, I fire an arrow at it, it freezes up.
Stegz: Thanks kiddo.
T-Bone: Bullzeye, the window, get us outta here.
Bullzeye: Better cover your ears. (screeching)
We cover our ears as he lets out his super-sonic screech, the windows break.T-Bone grabs me & Aunt Sheila.
Sheila: Aah!
They get out all right. Outside, T-Bone lets go of me & my aunt.
Sheila: (Sighs) Now, who & what are you guys?
Sara: Oh, meet one of my new friends. Aunt Sheila, this is T-Bone. T-Bone, this is my Aunt Sheila.
T-Bone: Yeah hey, glad to meet you.
The others come by with their flying vehicles, Bright Eyes rides with T-Bone.
T-Bone: We’d better scram. C’mon.
Bullzeye takes us, we fly off in the distance. Soon, we get to the Dinos’ place at the dinosaurs museum where we meet Chedra Bonzak.
Chedra: There you guys are, who’re your friends?
T-Bone: This is Bright Eyes, Sara & her aunt, uh…
Sheila: Sheila.
T-Bone: Right, Sheila. Say, Bright Eyes, you were real good back there. How’d ya like to join us?
Bright Eyes: I would be very honored.
Unknown to everyone except Bright Eyes that I felt left out in the cold.
Bright Eyes: Uh, T-Bone. (points to Sara)
T-Bone: Oh. Sara, you & your aunt must swear not to tell a single soul about us & where we live.
Sara: You got it. My lips are sealed.
Sheila: Yeah, same here.
Spike: Psst! Guys…
The Dinos huddle together.
Spike: I dunno about you guys, but I don’t trust that twerp one bit.
Bullzeye: What’s your problem? You don’t even know the kid that much.
Spike: Kids are all the same: huge tattletales, we let her stay, she’ll rat on us at the science labs and they’ll be stickin’ needles in us while she’s kissin’ blocks of money.
Bright Eyes: Oh Spike, give the kid a chance.
Spike: All right, but I’ll still keep an eye on her.
They come back to us.
T-Bone: So, how 'bout a tour?
Bright Eyes: I’d love one.
Sara: Ditto.
Sheila: Oh, I would if I could, but I have some stuff to settle at home. You guys mind watching Sara while I’m gone for a few hours?
All excluding Spike: (Agreeing)
Sheila: Bye Sara, be good.
Sara: Bye Aunt Sheila.
She leaves. So, the guys give the grand tour; first off, Stegz shows the junkyard.
Sara: Whoa. This looks like it can be my own private skate park.
Stegz: Give it a try.
Sara: Thanks.
I bring out my board and hand him my bag, I start doing some very nifty tricks.
Bright Eyes: Neat.
Stegz: Very impressive.
As I’m doing a walk-the-dog, I don’t notice the rock until I trip on it and crash into a pile of garbage.
Sara: Oof! (sees pile toppling) Uh-oh.
Just before the trash hits the ground, Stegz grabs me and we all get out of the way.

Stegz: You O.K.?
Sara: Yeah. I’m fine.
Next, Bullzeye showed us the TV room.
Bullzeye: And here is where we watch some good ol' TV and where I get most of my stuff.
Sara: Mind if I use the phone?
Bullzeye: Yeah, sure.
I start dialing and put it on speaker.
Bullzeye: Who’re ya callin’ anyway?
Sara: You’ll find out.
Flintwood: Government research facility, Prof. Charles Flintwood speaking.
Sara: Yeah, is Maya there?
Flintwood: Who?
Sara: Maya, last name Buttreeks.
Flintwood: One minute. Hey, Maya Buttreeks, does anyone here know Maya Buttreeks?
(Others laughing)
Sara: (Cackling)
Bullzeye: (Laughs, turns speaker off)
Bright Eyes: Maya Butttreeks, I love that.
Sara: Yeah. (contains laughter) There’s plenty more where that came from. After Aunt Sheila accidentally spilled the number, I, being very sneaky, memorized it.
T-Bone: Ah so, that's how you got the number.
Sara: Yup. So, nowadays, Scarwell & Flintwood are the main targets of my prank phone calls.
Stegz: Heh.
Sara: Mind if I dump my stuff on your couch?
T-Bone: Knock yourself out.
I drop my bag of stuff on the couch, I pick out my beloved dragon, she & I have somewhat of a Calvin & Hobbes-type relationship.
Dragon: Hey Sara, what kept ya? I was getting lonely.
Sara: Sorry Cordelia, I’ve been busy.
Bright Eyes: Talk to stuffies, do ya?
Sara: Yeah, every so often, me & my dragon have somewhat of a Calvin & Hobbes-type relationship, only she doesn’t become an Anthro, she stays the same height. But she does talk & move.
Bullzeye: Sounds like fun.
Spike under breath: Gimme a break. It's just a stuffed animal.
Stegz: (Elbows Spike)
Spike: Oof!
Stegz whispers: Where's your imagination?
T-Bone: I must say, your dragon is beautiful.
Sara: Thank you. So, when do we start fighting bad guy?
T-Bone: Well, actually.....
Spike: Uh, lemme tell her, excuse us for a minute.
He takes me to the bunks, Bright Eyes & Bullzeye watch.
Spike: All right, twerp, let’s get something strait, when we fight Raptors, you have to stay put.
Sara: But, what good is it I’ll do just sitting on my butt?
Spike: You are not an Extreme Dinosaur, you are just a dumb kid!
Sara: But…
Spike: You’re not a teammate and never will be!
He leaves as Bright Eyes & Bullzeye see me drop to one of the beds and bury my face in the pillow.
Sara tearfully: I am not dumb or a twerp.
Bullzeye & Bright Eyes wrinkle their brows and Bright Eyes nods out. They close the door.
Sara: (Sobbing, thinking) I'll show Spike.
Meanwhile, Spike is sitting around, talking to himself.
Spike: That kid is a pain, I’ll sure be glad when she’s gone.
Bright Eyes: Spike, I’m surprised in you.
Spike: Wha?
T-Bone: Bullzeye & Bright Eyes told us, we told you to give Sara a chance.
Stegz: But instead, you hurt her feelings.
Bullzeye: H
ow can you be so hard on her?
Chedra: Besides, Code 358 found in point section 7 clearly forbids this sort of behavior.
Spike: But I was just, I mean…
Everyone gives him a stern look.
Spike: (Groans)
He goes back to the bunks and sits next to a lump in the blankets, what he assumes is me.
Spike: Hey kiddo. Look, I’m sorry I was mean to you. It’s just… Wait a minute.
He pulls the blanket, the lump is just a pillow and there’s also a note. Everyone else is minding their own business, until…
Spike: Guys!
T-Bone: What is it?
Spike: Sara’s gone, she left to find the Raptors!
T-Bone: What? C’mon!
They evacuate. Meanwhile, I look the skate park where I find dinosaur footprints.
Sara thinking: I’ve seen these type of footprints before, at the museum my father worked at. Velociraptor.
(Muffled voices)
I hear voices coming from under the place, I see a large hole. I attach a stake into the ground and a bungee cord, I go down the hole like mountain climbing. Then see the Raptors, plotting.
Bad Rap: Then it’s settled, we’ll leave this dump and then get back to our lair in the mountains. C’mon.
I try going back up, but I’m too late, they see me.
Bad Rap: What?!
Haxx: It’s that hairless mammal hatchling from earlier today!
Bad Rap: Get her.
Spittor: It’d be my pleasure.
I come down and throw a Batarang-like device, it cuts the overhead lamp’s string and falls on Haxx’s head.
Haxx: D’ow!
Spittor: Nice hat. (snickers)
Just before he fires his acid, I throw another Batarang, it cuts the hose connecting from the tank to the device on Spittor’s mouth.
Spittor: Aw man!
Bad Rap: I’ve had enough of this!
He picks me up by the back of the shirt.
Sara: Hey!
Bad Rap: Perhaps you would be our hostage after all.
They start to leave, but unbeknownst to them, that I write something on a Baterang and throw it into the ground. Soon enough, do the Dinosaurs find it.
Stegz: Hey, look what I found.
Bright Eyes: That looks like one of the gadgets Sara uses. There’s something written on it.
T-Bone: “Raptors lair in mountains.”
They head to the mountains, they get to the doors, but they’re sealed up.
Spike sarcastically: Brilliant. They’re sealed up.
Stegz: Allow me.
He curls up and jets into the doors and knocks them down.
T-Bone: Good goin’, Stegz.
They find their way into the lair and Bad Rap plotting.
Bad Rap: This is such a beautiful plan, I’ll just attach to this giant glass to the rocket that launches in 2 hours.
Haxx: What about the mammel?
Bad Rap: I'll deal with her some other time.
T-Bone: Not a chance, Bad Rap.
He turns and sees the Extreme Dinos.
Bad Rap: That’s what you think, T-Bonehead.
Loads of Raptor-bots show up.
T-Bone: All right, guys, let’s carnivate ‘em!
Meanwhile, I’m in another room, sitting by myself, when suddenly the door starts to open.
Sara: (Gasps)
I look up and out of the door comes…
Sara: Bullzeye! I’m so glad to see you, I thought it was Bad Rap.
Bullzeye: I’m just glad you’re all right. Let’s say we get you home?
Sara: No! I won’t go home now. All I ever wanted was to help you guys, I must prove to Spike that I’m not a stupid twerp and can be an Extreme Dinosaur.
Bullzeye: Hey, you were never stupid, you found the Raptors hideaway and led us to them. Not to mention, you did help us save Stegz from Scarwell.
Sara: Yeah. (sniffles) I did, didn’t I?
Bullzeye: See? You don’t need to prove anything by endangering yourself. You already proved before that you are great.
Sara: Really?
Bullzeye: Darn right.
We hug.
Sara: Thanks, Bullzeye.
Bullzeye: Don’t mention it. Now, let’s kick some Raptor butt.
The others are fending off the Raptor-bots, when Bullzeye & me show up.
Bullzeye: Get on my back, kiddo.
I do so, he flies up and I shoot an arrow at a Raptor-bot, it electrifies it and collapses.
Bullzeye: Awesome.
T-Bone: Saurian Stomp!
They stomp into the ground and cause a mini-earthquake, the Raptor-bots fall over and crash into each other, destroying them. Bullzeye lands.
Bullzeye: All right, nothing but scrap metal.
Spike: Yeah, but the Raptors got away.
Sara: Don’t worry, they’re in for a wee surprise.
T-Bone: Let’s check it out.
Bright Eyes: I have a strange feeling about this.
They get on their vehicles and I ride on Bullzeye’s back. We get over to the launch place where the Raptors are attaching their giant glass to the rocket.
Bad Rap: There, that should bring global warming. What’s that spec on there?
They try and make out what it is, until too late. Turns out it’s a bomb and the glass shatters into a million crackly pieces.
Bad Rap: What? NOOOOOOO!!!
Just before some people came, the good guys & I leave and so do the Raptors (barely). Back home, the guys are with me.
T-Bone: Hey Sarey, you did real good.
Sara: Thanks, T. I’m sorry I ran away.
Spike: No, I shouldn't have I yelled at you, I realized it was wrong of me to treat you that way. I'm sorry.
T-Bone: That doesn’t matter now, what does is you’re all right. And you set that bomb, right?
Sara: Sure did.
T-Bone: Well, I thought it over and how’d you like to be our sidekick?
Sara: Really? A sidekick? You’d let me be…
Stegz: Sounds great to me.
Spike: Sure.
Bullzeye: Suits you perfectly.
Bright Eyes: I agree.
Sara: Thank you, guys. Yahoo! I'm a sidekick!
Aunt Sheila is back.
Sheila: Hey guys, I got great news. I quit my job with Scarwell and am working at the hospital from now on. Which means, I'll be spending more times with my niece & you guys.
Sara: All right!
Spike: Sounds great, Sheila.
Stegz: What is it you do for a living?
Sheila: I’m an M.D.
T-Bone: Well, if it’s not too much to ask, how ‘bout you be our physician?
Sheila: I’d be delighted.
Bullzeye: It’s perfect. The guys & I can be Batman, Sara’s Robin, Bright Eyes is Batgirl and Sheila can be Leslie Thombkins.
Chedra: Hey, what about me?
Bullzeye: Uh…You can be Alfred.
Chedra: What?
All: (Laugh)
Bullzeye: Aw, I'm just joking. So Sara, you ready for the next adventure?
Sara: Well, maybe or maybe not.
T-Bone: That's all right, there's no rush.
Sara: Though, I have decided on one thing.
Bullzeye: What’s that?
Sara: That you’re real cute. (kisses Bullzeye)
Bullzeye: (Falls over, dazed)
Sheila: Sara!
All: (Laughing)
Bullzeye: (Sits up, grins, blushes)
Meanwhile, the Raptors are back at their hideaway, picking out some of the glass shards that pricked them and using Scooby-Doo band-aids.
Bad Rap: Ooh, wait ‘til I get my claws on those Saurian goody-2-shoes and their hairless mammal hatchling. Ow!
Haxx: That Parasaurolophus was pretty cute.
Spittor: I’ll show you cute!
He & Haxx begin beating each other up.
Bad Rap: Enough you gecko-heads! Just pass me the Band-Aids!
Haxx: There’s only 3 left.
Bad Rap: Then, that means they're mine!
Spittor: No way! They’re mine!
Haxx: You have enough already!
They all continue fighting over the band-aids.

The End.

A/N: That was my very first Extreme Dinos fanfic. Please be gentle with me, it was my first. Plus, I haven't seen that many episodes of the show.
I got a few ideas from a "Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers" episode, "Adventures in Squirrel-Sitting".

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