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Name: Stuart "Stuie" Duckman.

Age: 13

Birthday: August 18.

Nickname(s): Stu, Stu-miester, Studucus.

Occupation: Entertainer.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 127 lbs.

Hair color/style: Same as feathers. Average guy's.

Feathers: White.

Eyes: Blue.

Music instrument: None. Dirrects everything.

History: Was just a regular kid from Duckburg coming to audition for Josh's Noah's Ark movie. But after he got the part of Sham, Charmander got kidnapped by the Saurians along with a Totodile, Stuie helped the Ducks & Trainers save them. Then became a Chosen Trainer & Totodile his Poke-Buddy.

Pokemon Buddy: Totodile.

Other Pokemon: Nidoqueen, Snorlax, Beedrill, Magby & Granbull.

Trainer gear: Teal baseball cap (wears backwards), green/emerald T-shirt & blue jeans. 

Backpack: Blue, red pocket outsides, black straps & Spider-Man on front.

Personality: Smart, cool, level-headed, good-hearted, friendly, loyal, humane, can be hotheaded.

Likes: Skateboarding, computers, video games, sports, dragons (except Saurians), Pokemon battles & hanging with his friends.

Dislikes: Beagle Boys, Saurians, brother being an idiot & being called "Stuart".

Voice artist: Wayne Grayson.

Spirited Duck: None.

Crest: Justice.

Stuie Duckman is your average skateboard-riding, comic book-loving teen duck who just so happens to be incredibly smart, the reason for that is he stuffed a computer chip up his nostril and it lodged into his brain. Plus, there's the fact that his dad's a famous rocket scientist. When Josh was making a Noah's Ark movie, Stuie auditioned but after he got the part of Sham, the Saurians kidnapped Charmander & a Totodile. Stuie helped them save the 2 Pokemon and became a Chosen Trainer and Totodile his Poke-buddy. Most of the Earth Chosen Trainers' Poke-Buddies are Ground, Ice & Dark elements, but Stuie's an exception. He doesn't show up as often as Gos & Lou, but he occasionally appears, also ironically, Stuie doesn't have a Spirited Duck but he'll find one sooner or later. Anyways, Stuie lives with his Dad, mom, older brother Dirk & younger sister Tracey, he has a dog named Sharkey (black-&-white boxer), cat named Penelope (Russian Blue) & green iguana named Digit. For concerts, he directs like tells where everything should go & which effects should be done, etc. He's great friends with Sara & the other Trainers, has a secret crush on a girl named Iris Green and is just a great guy in general. The only ones who know he's a Trainer are his best friend Genie, his dad & the pets, Totodile acts like a plushie around everyone else.

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