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Nosedive Flashblade

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Name: Nosedive Flashblade.

Age: 17.

Birthday: May 10.

Nickname(s): Dive, N.D. by the Trainers.

Height: 5’7”.

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde.

Feathers: Light peach.

Eyes: Brown.

Occupation: Kid brother.

Position: Right Wing.

History: Canard didn't want him at first, but Wildwing wouldn't join without him so Canard was forced to let Nosedive join.

Hockey number: 33.

Battle gear: Teal bodysuit, T-shirt under armored chest-&-shoulder plates (left with a skull-&-crossbones pattern), gray wrist gloves (comlink on left), pucklauncher on right hip, blue kneepads and gray/white boots.

Likes: Digimon, comic books, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, older brother Wildwing, hanging with Thrash & Mookie, video games, hockey, being Trainers’ best pal & triple-spicy tacos.

Dislikes: Spiders, Saurians, being treated like a kid & people with no sense of humor.

Voiced by: Steve Mackall.

Spirited Trainer: Eilony

Nosedive is Wildwing's younger brother, he first joined because Wildwing wouldn't join the last remaining resistance without him. He's still the comic-loving, video game playing teen he always has been, he's the Trainers' best pal, they call him N.D. He hangs with them almost all the time, except durring hockey games of course. He shares his spirit with Eilony, at first he wasn't too fond of having to live in the same headquarters with an eight-year-old girl (let alone share his spirit with one) 'cause he thought she'd just cramp his style & get in his way, but he changed his mind sooner than he thought. Anyways, he's a big help to the Ducks when most needed, his jokes & sarcasm can get annoying to them though, especially to Mallory.

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