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Crossover Kingdom

Secondary originals

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Other original characters.

Swimmy: He's faster than a barracuda, more powerful than a Great White, able to leap out of water without drying up and he kicks butt. He's Swimmy, a superpowered duck! He used to be Dr. Paradigm's mistreated lab ducky, but little did Doc know that when Ducky goes in saltwater, the cute little guy turns into Swimmy! Sara & him became fast friends, and have been together ever since. Swimmy has super-strength, super-speed, super-endurance, can send telepahtic messages to others (also taught Sara & Ripster how to do so) & can increase loyalty of marine animals (which doesn't always work). His weakness: freshwater or else he'll become an ordinary duck.

Leaper: He is also a superpowered critter like Swimmy. Josh found him washed up on the beach & injured, he took him home and nursed him back to health, because of Josh's act of kindness, Leaper tipped his sunglasses to him (and he never takes them off for anyone). He's been Josh's buddy since then. He also possesses super stregnth, speed, endurance, sending telepathic messages and increase sea critters' loyalty (he's usually a little more successful than others). His weakness: freshwater or else he'll become an ordinary frog.

Irene Bolton: Sara's & the Sharks' mom, whom she lives with after the folks got divorced. She has a humongus pool with 6 bottlenose dolphins (4 adults & 2 babies). She's very mild mannered & works all day, so she doesn't suspect a thing about Sara & Josh hanging with the Sharks, let alone helping them save Fission City. She's never really bought Paranoid's lies about the Sharks being bad guys and is really faithful in her sons-turned-sharks.

Kato: The legendary Lone Orca, he's the only known killer whale to ever tavel & hunt alone, but he's kinda a Lone Ranger of the Sea, helping his fellow sea critters in danger. He's easily reconized by the white "K" on his dorsal fin. He used to be the preformer animal at the zoo, but the tank grew too small so he was released back into the wild. His old bud, Swimmy & Kato's new lady-friend, Lily (whom has a white flower on her dorsal fin) tought him how to hunt. So Kato nowadays tavels with his mate Lily & offspring Salty. Them, Sara, Swimmy, Josh & Leaper have many undersea adventures together.

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