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Dr. Sheila Rodriguez: M.D and Sara's aunt whom she lives with after her mom passed away. She used to work for Scarwell but she never liked it there being as Scarwell was too inhumane. So, Sheila went back with the good guys and became the Dinos' physician. Though, she works at the hospital most of the time. She often spoils her niece and is unaware of her secret identity.

Cordelia: Sara's beloved stuffed dragon, her most prized possession. The very last thing she got from her mom. As Sara says, Cordelia's not a toy but a member of the family. Their relationship is sometimes like Calvin & Hobbes where Cordelia talks & moves through the imaginations of Sara & some others, other times their relationship is very much like any other person & their beloved stuffy. She is beautiful, cuddley and everyone just loves her. After Sara found a wish-granting alien, Cordelia now talks & moves for really-real, she is cheerful, level-headed, a bit of a ham and a dreamer, also the Ex-Dinos' new mascot. She can turn into a big fire-breathing dragon when kicking Raptor butt.

Marissa Davis, Bobby King & Derek Thompson: Friends of Sara's, they are all she has in the way of human friends. Marissa is usually the voice of reason, a bit stuffy perhaps but still a good kid with an imaginative nature. Bobby, the brainy one, loves to invent & ponder, he modified the gadgets Indigo Dragoness uses and is the only one of the 3 who knows who she is. Derek, so kind-hearted & gentle, a little naive but still a great guy. They all think the Dinos are great superheroes.

Justine: Mac's 18-year-old sister, she lives in a college dorm with her roommate, Brenda & their Imaginary Friends. She often visits Mac on spring break & durring the summer. She was once kidnapped by Bad Rap whom needed an organ from her rare blood group in an evil plot, but Indy, the Ex-Dinos & Mac Attack were able to save her.

Cordelia is (c) Manhatten Toy.

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