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Pokemon Trainers & Babies.


Sara Cicero here. My fellow Trainers & I are in the Entertainment center doing zip with our Poke-Buddies & Zelda, I fall asleep in boredom.

Eilony: Man, this is another dull day.

Josh: With zilch to do. Wanna play video games?

Buzz: Tanya’s cleaning the N64, I’m not in the mood to hook up the Game-cube or PS2. Watch TV?

Josh: Sunday, nothing good on. Computer?

Eilony: We’re not allowed to play on Drake-1. Pokemon battle?

Pokemon: (Groans)

Zelda: Pokemon are too bored to battle.

Josh: Bummer.

Buzz: Mondo bummer.

After I fall asleep, Wildwing comes in and I snap awake.

Wildwing: Hey guys. You guys O.K.?

Eilony: Yeah, there’s just nothing to do.

Sara: Say Wildwing.

Wildwing: Yeah?

I clutch onto his leg.

Sara: Please, can’t I get a baby-sitting job?

Wildwing: For the millionth time, no!

Sara: Please, Wildwing?

Wildwing: No.

Sara: Please, Wildwing?

Wildwing: No.

Sara: Please, Wildwing?

Wildwing: No!

Sara: I’m 12 years old, I’m old enough to baby-sit.

Wildwing: But you’re not responsible enough.

Sara: But Double-W…

Wildwing: N-O.

Sara: Some Spirited Duck you are.

Wildwing: I might reconsider, if…

Sara: If what? Anything, you name it.

Wildwing: You let go of my leg.

I let go of his leg.

Sara: Now, can I have the job?

Wildwing: Read my beak…

He goes off, I sit back on a beanbag chair. Zelda is next to me.

Zelda: Sorry Sari.

Sara: How come Wildwing treats me like a little kid a lot?

Josh: Maybe ‘cause you act like one.

Sara: I act my age, Josh-dude.

Josh: Oh yeah, you’re mature.

Bulbasaur: Bulba, Bulbasaur, Bulba.

Zelda: He said, “Sometimes, I don’t get adults, they make up silly rules like don’t play on Drake-1 & no roughhousing”.

Josh: Hmm… (snaps fingers) I know, remember when the Ducks & us got zapped by Draguanus’ ray gun and we turned into whittle babies?

Sara: Yep. Good thing they missed Zelda & that ray gun doesn’t work on Pokemon.

Buzz: Also, we’re lucky it wasn’t permanent.

Eilony: Or else the show will have to be called “the Mighty Ducklings”/“Pokemon: Baby Trainers”. Actually that’d be kinda funny.

Josh: Heh-heh. Anyway, all we gotta do is get that ray gun and make the Ducks little again.

Buzz: Good plan, Josh. But Wildwing destroyed the gun, remember?

Josh: Oh yeah. D’ohh!

Zelda: Hey, I have an idea.

Sara: What is it, Zel?

Zelda: Here’s my plan… (whispering)

We huddle together as Zelda tells us her plan.

Sara: Cool.

Zelda: But we need Gosalyn & Louie.

We contact Gosalyn, I call her on the Poke com.

Gosalyn: Hey Sara, what’s up?

Sara: Gos, Zelda has a plan that’ll help me get the baby-sittin’ job and we can see Digimon on Ice.

Gosalyn: Keen gear, Digimon on Ice, I’ve been dying to see that all week.

Sara: Well, come over to the Pond and we’ll tell ya the plan.

Gosalyn goes from her room to the front door.

Gosalyn: Going to the Pond, Dad.

Drake: Have fun.

Gosalyn & her Poke-buddy Seel head to the Pond, Gosalyn releases her Gengar.

Gosalyn: Gengar, we need to get to the Pond.

Gengar: Gengar, Gengar.

Gosalyn & Seel get on Gengar and they fly over to the Pond. We contact Louie on his Poke com.

Louie: Hey, what’s up?

Josh: Lou, ya gotta come to the Pond, Zelda has a plan that’ll get us into Digimon on Ice.

Louie: Cool. Sandshrew & I’ll be right over, c’mon buddy.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

Louie & Sandshrew go to the front door.

Louie: Going out, Mom, later.

He goes to the garage, gets his bike, Sandshrew hops in the basket and off to the Pond. (puck flies by) They get there.

Sara: Hey guys, to the basement.

Louie: What’s in the basement?

Zelda: You’ll know soon enough.

Zelda & I take our comrades down in the basement and to this huge machine.

Gosalyn: Keen gear, what is it?

Zelda: Cloning process.

Sara: Zelda figured that if I can’t turn the Mighty Ducks into babies, I’d might as well make my own.

Josh: It’d be like in “Jurassic Park”, only without the dinosaurs, death & destruction.

Louie: Man, triple-D. But how’s it work?

Buzz: Good question.

Zelda: The instructions are in your pocket, Buzz-man.

Buzz: Oh.

He gets the instructions out of his pocket.

Buzz: “To work, get a sample of DNA from someone. Place sample on conveyer belt, wait 2 minutes as it extracts and out comes the clone in the tube.”

Sara: Cool. But we can’t tell the Ducks.

Eilony: How come?

Sara: Because Wildwing will ground me for life and take away my allowance for a year.

Louie: Ouch.

Sara: Bingo. So everyone, keep their lips zipped.

Everyone: (Make sounds like a zipper)

Sara: O.K. Now, who’s gonna get a sample from the Ducks?

Buzz: How about you do it, you’re the leader.

Sara: You do it, you ordered the machine.

Buzz: You do it, Weirdo!

Sara: No you, Birdbrain!

Zelda: I’ll do it. Not ‘cause I don’t like to see you 2 fight, but ‘cause it was my idea.

Eilony: Be careful, Zelda.

Zelda: Momentie Eilony, I’ll have those samples in a heartbeat.

(Poke ball swoops by) Zelda goes to get a piece of the Ducks, she plucks Wildwing’s feather.


Wildwing: Ow!

Zelda: (Whistling)

Wildwing: Hmm.

Zelda (thinking): 1 down, 5 to go.

She gets a feather from N.D. (Nosedive).

Nosedive: Yeow! Hey. What was that?

Zelda: Beats me, Dive.

She hears Duke hacking out snot he got in his throat.

Duke: (Clears throat, spits)

He come out of the bathroom, Zelda gets the glob in a beaker glass.

Zelda: (Chuckles) Eew.

She goes to Grin meditating, she’s about to sneak up on him, but…

Grin: Hello Zelda.

Zelda: How’d you know it was me?

Grin: I sensed you from the beginning. Now, what are you up to, little friend?

Zelda: I need one of your feathers.

Grin: Why?

Zelda: I can’t tell you the reason, please can’t I have a feather?

He plunks one of his feathers and gives it to her.

Grin: (Grunts)

Zelda: Thanks Grinster, you’re a pal.

Grin: No prob. Pain is an illusion, an illusion that really, really hurts.

She goes to Mallory, and gets one of her feathers.

Mallory: Ouch.

Zelda: (Whistling)

Goes to Tanya still cleaning the N64.

Tanya (muttering): Duh let me see here. Place this 8 ohm resistor next to this 5 watt capacitor and sold… OUCH! What the…?

Zelda runs off.

Zelda: Got ‘em!

Sara: All right.

I pick up directions and do each step in order. A few minutes later, eggs pop out one by one.

Sara: O.K., now we just gotta… anyone got any ideas?

All: (Saying various no’s)

Josh: Bummer.

Gosalyn: Wait I know. Louie.

Louie: Yeah?

She pat the eggs.

Louie: Oh no, not me. Anyone but me. What am I, a mother chicken?

Eilony: Lou-miester, you know you’d be perfect for helping us get those tickets for Digimon on Ice. I mean, look at the rest of us.

Sara: Yeah. Buzz is too smart, I’m too cool, Eilony’s too young, Josh is too dumb, Gosalyn’s too impatient, and you well, you’re uh, large, you’re in-active…

Louie: Alright, alright. I’ll sit on the dumb eggs, but Buzz better have that incubator ready PDQ.

Buzz: Oh well, I’ll get going to read some comics then I’ll get to work.

I grabs Buzz by the back of his shirt.

Sara: Get to work, Birdbrain! Now!

Buzz: All right, Weirdo! (mutters angrily)

Buzz starts building an incubator from all the Styrofoam cups thrown out from yesterday’s hockey game and tries to find a 400 watt bulb.

Buzz: (Humming)

The rest of us find out that even Louie is not big enough to sit on all the eggs.

Louie: Maybe we should all sit on them until Buzz gets the incubator ready.

Trainers: (Groans)

But we do what he suggests.

Sara: I got it, we’ll sit back, relax and think of all the money we’ll be getting for this.

All: Ah… money…

Josh: Eww! We sound like Phil… (shudders)

A few hours later, Buzz finishes the incubator but it’s only big enough for 50% of the eggs.

Sara: Buzz, you moron! It’s only big enough for three eggs!

Buzz: Well… uh… so what are you gonna do about it?

Me, Josh & Louie tie him up and spread him out over two eggs.

Buzz: Hey, did you guys stop & think who would be building the incubator?!

Trainers: D’ohh!!!!

Buzz: Well you going to let me go or what?

Sara (Groans)

I untie him.

Sara: One of these days, Birdbrain, I’m gonna get ya right in the schnoz. Pow!

Buzz: (Blows raspberry)

He runs off.

Louie: Oh Sara.

Sara: Hmm?

Louie: If we torment Buzz much more he may do the worst thing ever!

Sara: What? Not build another incubator?

Louie: No… tell the Ducks!

Sara: Oh yeah. Buzz-meister, wait up!

I catch up with him.

Sara: (Catches breath) O.K. Buzz, sorry me & the others tormented you, just please, PLEASE don’t tell the Ducks, especially Wildwing.

Buzz: I wasn’t gonna tell the Ducks. I was just gonna get Growler & Charmander to sit on them.

Sara: Oh yeah. Since they’re Fire Pokemon they’d do really well.

Buzz: Exactly. But wait! We’ll still need an incubator in case we need to go somewhere and them to come with us.

Sara: Good point.

Buzz & I get to work making another incubator and we put the other eggs inside it.

Buzz: They’re all done. (brushes off hands)

Eilony: Now we just wait for the eggs to hatch in… how long, Buzz?

Buzz: Let’s see here.

Buzz gets onto the floor and does some math to figure out how long it’ll be before the eggs hatch.

Buzz: It’ll be about a month & 10 days before they can hatch.

Sara: How would you know? You’ve never been to Puckworld.

Buzz: I think I can do better guessing this than you can.

Sara: Alright! I’ll just ask Wildwing.

Louie: You don’t think that’ll make him suspicious do you?

Sara: Aw, I’ll just ask out of curiosity.

Gosalyn. O.K.

A few minutes later, I come back.

Sara (sarcastically): Buzz, you were wrong, Double-W said it won’t be 40 days.

Buzz: How long, then?

Sara: I was being sarcastic.

Buzz: Oh, right. But Digimon on Ice will be in Anaheim for the whole year.

Sara: Good point.

Gosalyn: Guys, I just thought of something; if they’re a secret, who’s gonna pay us for watching over them?

The other Trainers & I fall over like in Japanese cartoons. Cuts to me in bed, I wakes up.

Sara: Aah! Whoa! At least it was all a dream, boy was it stupid. I mean raising baby ducks to get baby-sitting money? Get real.

Eilony: Sara! The babies have hatched!

Sara: Oh no, it was real… NOOOOO!!!

In actual-reality, Zelda & Charmander are shaking.

Zelda: Sara, Sara, wake up, you’re dreaming.

Sara: (Snaps awake) Guh!

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Zelda: He said, “Tanya’s done cleaning the N64”.

Sara: Cool. (sigh of relief) Note to self: Tell Wildwing, I don’t want any baby-sittin’ jobs.

Charmander: Charmander?

Zelda: She must’ve had another strange dream.

Sara: By the way, when is “Digimon On Ice” coming to the Pond?

Buzz: Well, right now it’s in Hershey, I guess it’ll come to Anaheim in a few weeks.

I go play video games with Josh.

The End.

Kinda pointless, huh? But when I was younger, I thought about having babies from Puckworld in my MDTAS world, but when my brother & I were acting it out if the Ducks found out, I figured he's right cloning is hard & irresponsible, so it turns out to be a crazy dream. Oh, and the part where Josh mentions about the Ducks turning into babies by Draguanus' ray gun is a referance to my friend, Zelda's fic "Kiddies", I made up the part where the Trainers get zapped too and Pokemon aren't affected by it. I hope you don't mind, Zel, e-mail me to tell me if you do or don't.

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