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MDTAS/Pokemon fanfiction

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All fics I wrote & gonna finish for my series "Pokemon: the Chosen Trainers" with co-stars the Mighty Ducks, starring & narrated from the point of view of me, the author. I asked my friend, Zelda, if I can use her characters in season 2, and she didn’t mind. Also coming soon, Season 3, new Chosen Trainers & other friends, starring my friend, Shygal's characters. I ain't working for the companies that own the characters I include or makin' a profit off any of my stories.

Oh, the ones with little stars mean they were on until I deleted them myself 'cause so many people were buggin' me about the "no scripts" rule, I personally think it's a stupid rule 'cause, I ask you, what's the matter with script-style in fanfiction?

Season 1:

The First Face-Off/Showdown part 1 & part 2: * The Mighty Ducks & Pokemon Trainers meet for the very first time. Premiere of the Mighty Ducks/Pokemon (& a couple other various cartoon chars.) crossovers. Rated G.
Part 3 Burning Fire Light: * Draguanus discovered Sara's Charmander is more powerful than he thought. Rated G.

Part 4 Buzz Blitzman: Mighty Duck/Pokemon Trainer: * A young genius becomes one of the Chosen Trainers. G.

In progress, Part 5 A Poke-team Complete: The Earth Trainers get some Pokemon tips. NR yet.
In Progress, The Crest of Friendship: When Gosalyn has Eilony over, she learns the true meaning of friendship. NR yet.
Coming soon, Buzz's Childhood Hero: After getting hit in the head, Josh thinks he's The Tick, so Buzz must use his "The Tick" encyclopedic knowledge to keep his fellow Trainer from hurting himself. Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/The Tick crossover. NR yet.
The Boulders of Kindness: While searching for an Indian staff Draguanus' goons stole, Josh becomes kind enough to give his pain in the butt Graveler another chance. He finally decides to listen to Josh, not just as his master, but as his friend. G.
In progress, Pass With Flying Colors: Our heroes make friends in a mystical, colorful land. Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/Rainbow Brite crossover. NR yet.
Jurassic Puck Showdown: I didn’t like the original ep., so I wrote my own version. Our heroes discover a hidden valley of dinosaurs, and become friends with a few who stumbled into Anaheim. G.
Coming soon, Josh's Ark Movie: Josh decides to make Noah's Ark the motion picture and while on the set, Charmander & his new friend get kidnapped by Ol' Scaly Butts' goons, so it's the Ducks, Trainers & their new buddy to the rescue.
Coming Soon, Trainers of the Hidden Temple: Sara & Stuie compete in their favorite game show. NR yet.
In progress, Priechme If You Can: Sequel to "Jurassic Puck Showdown". A crazy redneck finds Buzz with Serena's & Esmeralda's babies and gives them to a mad scientist. NR yet.
Coming soon, Springtime for Stuie: Stuie tries to impress his dream girl. NR yet.

Season 2:

A Dragon's Tale part 1 & part 2: The teams meet a dragon named Zelda & her fellow leaders and find out they’re more special together. Season 2 premiere. G.
The Youth Stone's Gift: Sequel to Zelda’s fic "The Deepest of Waters". The Trainers get new Pokemon and Draguanus tries to steal another rocket. G.

Can't Help Falling in Love: Sara has a secret crush. But will it stay a secret? PG for romance.
Race for the Cure: Eilony gets poisoned by Dr. Pretorius, and Sara realizes she can’t protect her sister 24-7. But her loyalty & love is stronger than the poison. PG-13 drama.
Being rewritten, The Inside Adventure: An evil little character takes over Buzz’s body, and the teams must get shrunk to save him. Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/Digimon crossover. PG for body humor.
Quest of the Unicorn part 1 & part 2: The Trainers, Zelda & Ducks travel to a mystical land that's conquered by Asteroth. Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/The Last Unicorn crossover. PG action & romance.
Part 1 Forest Spirit Showdown: Animals called the forest spirits are possessed by an evil spell that Wraith cooked up, and one of them attacks Sara & Eilony. PG-13 for some violence.
Part 2 By the Light of the Wolf: The wolf spirit & his pack team up with our heroes to save the caribou spirit. PG.
A Slithery Situation: Sequel to "Beak to the Future". Vinnius P. Viper & Draguanus are back in business together. PG.

Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover saga:
Part 1 Time to Duel: The teams must save the souls of Zelda, Bakora & Louie’s brother from Dragaunus & Pegasus. Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover. PG for some violence & humor.
Part 2 Charmander; the Dueling Pokemon: Kaiba challenges Sara to a Duel and she summons Charmander. PG for violence & drama.
Part 3 The Tasks of Duelist Kingdom: Our heroes & their new friends get to Pegasus' castle, but must do 3 tasks; duel Weevil, listen to Draguanus & Pegasus’ song and find a golden eye during teatime. G.
Part 4 Dragon’s Heart: Sara has been chosen to duel Pegasus. PG for violence.
Everything Changes: Lucretia DeCoy is back, but turns over a new leaf. Slight NeoPets crossover. Rated G.
In Progress, Wailmer of a Mantine: Our heroes encounter a Wailmer & Mantine. NR yet.
In Progress, Josh the Mother: Josh saves baby sea turtles and adopts 25 of them as his own. NR yet.
Coming soon, The Final Crest: 2 little demons trick Eilony into thinking her Crest of Love will never glow. Pokemon/Disney's Hercules: the TV series crossover. NR yet.
Return of Planktemon: Sequel to "The Inside Adventure". Planktemon’s back for a rematch, and his defeat lies in the hands of Sara & Josh. Another Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/Digimon crossover. PG.
Going to be rewritten & renamed, A Horse-Pickin’ Moment: The Trainers adopt a horse. Rated G.
Coming soon, Josh Goes to Hollywood: When Josh is making a new movie, his trailer accidentally gets on public TV. NR yet.
The Solar Eclipse Monsters part 1, part 2 & part 3: The Trainers, Poke-buddies, Zelda & Bushroot end up in Ponyland and must save it when Draguanus unleashes 3 giant monsters. Mighty Ducks/Pokemon/MLP crossover. Rated PG.
Search for the Eighth Trainer Saga:
Coming soon, Mewtwo's Message: After the Ducks get some cheerleaders & new recruits, our heroes get a message about a new Chosen Trainer.
coming soon, New Comrades: The Ducks & Trainers find a Cyndaquil & Sara befriends a girl who's from the Pokeworld.
Coming soon, Charlotte's True Identity: Draguanus finds out who the new Trainer is.
Coming soon, A Friend In Me: Draguanus hires a Trainer from the Pokeworld to destroy Sara, but she befriends her instead. Season 2 finally. NR yet.

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